DOLLARS ($13,000,000.00) for pyramid scheme allegedly perpetrated by our client, as well as numerous other parties and leasing companies. Obtained complete dismissal of claims against all represented clients.

Obtained favorable settlement for client regarding breach of contract claims assigned from failed bank, whereby amount in controversy was over TWO MILLION DOLLARS ($2,000,000.00).

Asserted secured interest in bankruptcy court of equipment finance company against debtor and over objection of other secured creditors involving the finance of equipment secured by collateral located in over twenty-three franchised stores located in multiple states.

Represented water utility in complex bankruptcy proceeding, successfully asserting water utilities disputed claims for payment of services.

Represented motor vehicle finance company in complex adversary proceeding in bankruptcy court, which was subsequently removed to Federal Court. Obtained settlement favorable to client.

Successfully argued in two different courts of appeal in the Second District of Texas (Fort Worth) and Fifth District of Texas (Dallas) that forum selection clause freely negotiated between parties that is not oppressive or unreasonable is enforceable notwithstanding the fact that neither parties may have contacts with the chosen forum.

Oil and Gas – Represented oil and gas leaseholder who suffered damages to personal property as a result of improper debris removal from well, obtaining favorable settlement for client.
Pursuant to representation of owner of show horses, successfully replevied and relocated approximately ninety show horses, broods, mares, and foals in sequestration proceeding and obtained favorable settlement for client.

Mold Case – Represented homeowner in mold case where mold damage caused extensive property damage to home. Obtained favorable settlement for client.