Construction Law

Attorneys at Padfield & Stout, LLP, have a core group of attorneys who have extensive hands-on experience in construction law, whether it involves builders, sub-contractors, developers, general contractors, or other entities.  The firm understands it takes a lawyer with industry-specific knowledge to efficiently analyze a construction law case, and it regularly relies on its broad institutional knowledge to address complex challenges involving:

  • Contract review
  • Perfection of mechanic’s liens or mineral liens under the Texas Property Code
  • Foreclosing on mechanic’s liens or mineral liens through litigation
  • Reviewing construction contracts
  • Pursuing insurance coverage claims
  • Pursuing bond claims associated with a properly perfected mechanic’s lien
  • Payment and performance bonds
  • Construction mediation and arbitration

The firm regularly assists clients in filing and perfecting mechanic’s liens and mineral liens, which can add significant leverage to the collection of an unpaid invoice or draw.  Due to the complexity of construction law statutes, it is all too easy to overlook a deadline or omit critical language in lien filing affidavits that can be the difference in whether a client gets paid for work done on a project.  The firm’s attorneys are prepared to navigate clients through the maze of statutes and code provisions to assist in maximizing their chances of a successful recovery.

Construction Law Specialists